Our History

  • Harare High School established in 1958 was the first Government Secondary (Salisbury) School built for the black African child in Harare Province.   Its motto is ‘Danho Rashaiwa Makumbo’ meaning the leader of success but literary the school struggled to enrol students at the beginning. The enrolment by then was 142 students which comprised of 140 boys and 2 girls. The current enrolment is 1909 students: boys 944, girls 965 and a staff compliment of 95.
  • Catchment area:- Mbare community and surrounding areas due to good reputation and better results. Most of the buildings were constructed before 1958 and since then the school had not being refurbished.
  • The school engaged the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) which offered free labour which included:-
  • Painting the whole school in and outside and the roofs.
  • Repair of collapsed ceiling
  • Fascia boards
  • Metal Technology and Design work benches
  • Flooring
  • Repair of non functional borehole
  • General electrical repairs
  • Plumbing – removal of old rusty galvanised pipes and replacing with PVC pipes.
  • Refurbishment of the previously condemned abolition block constructed during the colonial era with no doors and windows.
  • We boast of a plus or minus 90% fees collection rate because of viable payment plan system and excellent results.
  • Harare High boost of high quality results at ‘A’ Level considering the number of candidates who sit for public examination. ‘O’ Level results are also increasing and its a source of pride since they are improving yearly.
  • We provider our own catering services offered by Food Technology and Design Department.


O’ Level


‘A’ Level
















The school offered a wide curriculum:- 7 Technical/Practical subjects.

  • Wood Technology and Design
  • Technical Graphics and Design
  • Textile Technology and Design
  • Food Technology and Design
  • Metal Technology and Design
  • Computer Science
  • Agriculture
  • Physical Education and Mass Displays.

soccer, cricket , soft ball and korfball.

  • The school also practise inclusivity e.g. students with cerebral pulse who was bullied in another school, severe facial disfigurement, albinism condition and artificial limp. The school has a zero tolerance to bullying.
  • Teachers, School Development Committee (SDC) and school clubs also assist indigent students with transport and fees. Harare High takes pride in being the only school in Zimbabwe and even in the whole world which trace and recall students who had not paid fees to attend lessons. That means the school does not send away students.
  • School projects - Wood Technology and Design and Metal Technology and Design teachers and students furnished the Computer Science, Wood Technology and Design work benches, general repair of tables, stools and chairs.
  • Harare High School has a wiffi, network buster and fibre connection to enable students to research.  The school managed to upgrade ZESA amperage from 60 amps to 200 amps.

Earmarked Projects

3 blocks of 6 classrooms.




Contact Us

P.O Box MSSK 140, Mbare Musika, Harare

  • Tel +263 (4) 759 438

  • Tel +263 (4) 291 3150
  • info@hararehigh.ac.zw

School Bank Details

Account Name: Harare High School

Bank: ZB Bank

Account Number: 4157799140081


Ecocash Biller Code: 09374


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