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About the Department

Language is a key component for every student as it is the basis of all communication
Mr. Chiadzwa
HOD English DepartmentMr. Chiadzwa
Mrs L. Mangwiro
HOD English DepartmentMrs L. Mangwirolmangwiro@gmail.com
Mr P. Kufa
HOD Shona DepartmentMr P. Kufapkufa@gmail.com


The Languages department at Harare High School helps to promote an awareness of the usefulness of language as a medium of communication, as well as the value of effective language command and use for personal and national development. The department is the thread that knits Harare High School and is the heart beat of the school. Every learner, is mandated to do at least one language subject upto "A" level; which makes it the largest department in the school.

Subjects Covered

1. English Language
2. English Literature
3. Shona Language
4. Shona Literature

The department

Contact Us

P.O Box MSSK 140, Mbare Musika, Harare

  • Tel +263 (4) 759 438

  • Tel +263 (4) 291 3150
  • info@hararehigh.ac.zw

School Bank Details

Account Name: Harare High School

Bank: ZB Bank

Account Number: 4157799140081


Ecocash Biller Code: 09374


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