Sports Department

At Harare High we dont specialise on academics only, rather our goal is produce an all rounder student who is both physically and academically fit. We identify talent and nature it to bring out the best in a student and sporting is no exception.
Mr Ndlovu
Sports masterMr Ndlovu


The school covers a cross section of all sporting activities, ranging from athletics, all ball games, all indoor and outdoor games. Below is a list of our activities.
1. short races and long races
2. high jump, long jump
3. Short put

Ball Games
1. Football                   2. Netball
3. Volleyball                 4. Rugby
5. Basket ball               6. Hand ball

Indoor & Outdoor Games
1. squash                    2.Tennis & table tennis
3. Hockey                  

Contact Us

P.O Box MSSK 140, Mbare Musika, Harare

  • Tel +263 (4) 759 438

  • Tel +263 (4) 291 3150
  • info@hararehigh.ac.zw

School Bank Details

Account Name: Harare High School

Bank: ZB Bank

Account Number: 4157799140081


Ecocash Biller Code: 09374


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